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Submit an Article

If you would like to be a guest writer for the AstroConvos and publish an individual piece, please check if your article follows the guidelines outlined below. 

Article Guidelines

Word count: 300 - 1000


  1. Introduce and explain a scientific concept/theory/phenomenon.

  2. The content of the article has to have a STEM focus. However, feel free to take an interdisciplinary angle as well! Examples of potential interdisciplinary topics include: the Mathematics of Music, the Chemistry Behind Cooking etc.


Remember, you are writing for high school students. Please do not assume high-level of prior knowledge. Explain terminology and use analogies for complex ideas.


Include a bibliography/works cited section at the end of your article. All citations must be of the latest MLA format. We will not accept work submitted without proper citations.

Special Categories:

  • News(example)

    • A recent event (in the past month) analysis from a science point of view

  • Interview(example)

    • Primary source

    • Separate format(template)

  • Research Paper(example)

    • Follow the scientific method.

    • Method/Data on a separate document(example)

      • Minimum 50 data points

      • Guideline

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