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Learn about how you can get involved in our competitions, research, workshops, courses and mentorship programs below! Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your skillset and explore the world of STEM.

We provide standardized testing and other academic exams resources. Students receive mentorship from trusted scholars in college apps.

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Propose and work on research projects under the guidance of mentors. AstroConvos facilitates the research process, provides resources, and helps students connect with mentors and peers.

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Application Review

We offer peer reviews and feedback on summer program applications, scholarship essays, and other application materials and increase success rate.

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Publish articles on STEM topics, especially astrophysics, astronomy, and physics, from explaining complex concepts to sharing personal research experiences.

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AstroConvos hosts discussion forums for students to engage in conversations, ask questions, and exchange ideas with global community. These forums encourage collaborative learning and problem-solving.

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A comprehensive library of resources, including research papers, textbooks, online courses, and educational videos, is available to help students enhance their knowledge and skills.

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Global Community

AstroConvos welcomes students from all around the world of all backgrounds. It promotes diversity and collaboration among students worldwide.

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The platform offers a mentorship program where experienced astrophysicists, astronomers, and physics enthusiasts volunteer their time to guide and support high school students in their research projects. Mentors can provide valuable insights, feedback, and guidance.

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