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Leadership Position Openings

Leadership position openings are currently closed. 

Publishing Administrator

Duties: manage timeline of issue publishing, coordinate communication between other role


Qualities: enthusiastic, organized, good communicator

Head of Editing

Duties: edit approved articles

Qualities: enthusiastic, good writer

Head of Media

Duties: design graphics for the journal, format articles

Qualities: enthusiastic, creative

Editing Team

Our editing team works together with writers to help refine their topic ideas and revise their writing. The goal of the editing team is to help make STEM feel more accessible and interesting to all students! Applications are rolling, and priority will be given to earlier applications.

Writing Team

The International Convos Youth Science Journal is recruiting members to be part of a permanent writing team! Admission to the Writing Team is on a rolling basis.


Application Instructions:

Become a Guest Writer

If you would like to be a guest writer for the International Youth Science Journal and would like to publish an individual piece, please check if your article follows the guidelines outlined below. To submit your article, fill in the form here. You will be notified via email if we decide to publish your work, and you will receive full credit. Please note that once the International Youth Science Journal has decided to publish your work, you may not submit it for publication to any other platform.


Article Guidelines

Word count:

Preferably 300 - 1000


Content: Introduce and explain a scientific concept/theory/phenomenon.



  • Chemistry

  • Biology

  • Physics

  • Computer Science

  • Technology

  • Engineering

  • Math


Remember, you are writing for students, not professors so please do not assume high-level of prior knowledge. Explain terminology and use analogies for complex ideas.


Citations: Please include a bibliography/works cited section at the end of your article. All citations must be of the latest MLA formatHere is a useful online citation maker. In-text citations are required. We will not accept work submitted without proper citations.


Special Categories:

  • News (example)

    • A recent event (in the past month) analysis from a science point of view

  • Interview (example)

    • Primary source

    • Separate format (template)

  • Research Paper (example)

    • Follow the scientific method.

    • Method/Data on a separate document (example)

Project Management Team

Our project management team will work together to create workshops, STEM-competitions, and ideathons (and much more!) to offer to our readers. The goal of the project management team is to help further other students’ STEM journeys.

Work alongside a team of passionate individuals around the globe! If you enjoy spreading a love for STEM to other students, we would love to have you on our team. Admissions are rolling, and priority will be given to earlier applications.

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