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Solar Eclipse

Become a

Explore opportunities to join our national executive team, start your own high school chapter or university branch or become a mentor below!

Find a local chapter

Get involved at a local level in a high school chapter in your area.


Become an Executive

Become a leader in STEM and learning more about our open positions here.

Support a Project

See what AstroConvos STEM enthusiasts are doing and support us. Join us in this incredible STEM exploration journey!

Become a Mentor

Get involved at a Share your knowledge and help other students grow by becoming a mentor. level in a high school chapter in your area.

Become an Ambassador

Get involved as a provincial ambassador to attend local conferences and host regional projects.

Propose a Project

Do you wish to start a new STEM Project? Looking for teammates to collaborate with? Need resources or guidance? Look nowhere else! Propose a project to AstroConvos and get started!

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