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Blue Smoke

Our Story

Dedication and Service






























































Our Team

We are a group of high school students who are diligently operating our initiatives around the world.







Our Philosophy

Creating something better

















AstroConvos is an educational organization that provides mentorship and experiential learning opportunities in STEM for high school students. Founded in 2023, We are developing an international community of volunteers to create unique programs for youth to acquire skills necessary for success in the rapidly evolving fields  Astronomy, Astrophysics and Physics. Since then, the organization has delivered educational and developmental opportunities to thousands of youths across the world and beyond.

We create equitable learning opportunities, connections, and experiences for students to develop modern skills for the digital age.

Our mission is to build a better future for displaced and underprivileged students through science and technology education and upskilling.



We aspire to advance diversity and accessible education in STEM fields to help develop the next generation of researchers, medical professionals, industry leaders, and science communicators that will help us solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges, ranging from environmental sustainability to human health.


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To foster innovation and inclusivity to support high school students worldwide and ignite their passion for Physics and Astronomy. 

Our Goals

Our Motivation

To provide resources and guidance and strengthen the student's application, who otherwise couldn't afford it, hence making it accessible and inclusive.

Provide a free and accessible space for students to write and publish articles, participate in discussions, receive mentorship for research projects, and showcase their achievements on college applications.

Our Contribution

AstroConvos is an innovative and inclusive platform designed to support high school students worldwide who are passionate about astrophysics, astronomy, and physics. We provide impartial and completely free research mentoring and publishing opportunities. 

To know our placewithin the cosmos

Empowering the world’scitizens to advance spacescience and exploration.


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We work together to present a new philosophy for student-driven experiential learning in STEM and provide our fellows with tools that will help them in the current STEM research and education ecosystem. We are a virtual meeting place for advanced STEM learning. A place where students can collaborate to develop their ideas and discuss them with world-class experts. An opportunity for peer-review and scholarly publications of high school and university research.

Blue Smoke



Our members and student youth leaders come from around the world in countries such as Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, United States of America, and many more!

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